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A word from us

In the early 21st century, Bambi as one of the world's leading filing & computer file companies, achieved success. Along with that, we also want to achieve some breakthroughs in sustainable industry

The Group's overall performance continues to grow at a healthy rate. Factors contributing to the Group's strong performance are consistency in total commitment to provide the best service to customers, focusing on research & development of new products so that they can adapt to the needs of fast-growing businesses towards innovative products. These things further enhance the quality and variety of product choices for our customers.

Bambi continues its strategic plan for growth, taking the initiative to achieve a “Global Vision -Asia Focus” and focusing on a number of clear strategies for consistent growth. Bambi wants to develop as an export-oriented group of companies. As the main operational companies with the same vision and strategy, then: PT. Bambi, PT. Best Mega Industries, and Bambi Industries Pte. Ltd. operates independently in developing their respective market segments, but at the same time can take advantage of the group's resources as added value to products and services for each of its customers.

The Advantages of the Office Supplies & Equipment Products We Provide

Bambi's excellence is achieved due to more than half a century of industry experience in producing unique filing equipment & office and general equipment products. With these advantages, Bambi can offer a more complete range of products compared to other brands. These products are in the form of standard products and products with special designs from customers.

Seeing the opportunities and challenges for the Group and given the fast-growing office equipment industry, Bambi is heading into a new era of development and growth with the continued support of enthusiastic and talented staff.

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