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Global Vision

Bambi took its first steps in 1957 with the establishment of a small shop selling plastic products in the Senen area – Jakarta, Indonesia.

Over time, Bambi has significantly expanded its working area, by acquiring and establishing several factories that produce office products.

Currently, Bambi manufactures Lever Arch Files, Ring Binders, Insert Binders, Computer Files, Magazines Files, Indexes, Quotation Folders, Zipper Pockets, etc. 

We have learned early on, that the development that has taken place requires flexibility in order to meet the changing needs of the market. 

These developments have not only helped protect the company from industry fluctuations, but have also facilitated Bambi's development into a truly INTERNATIONAL company, allowing us to adapt our efforts to open up markets to more specific opportunities in destination countries, around the world.

From humble beginnings, Bambi has grown to become an industry leader especially in Southeast Asia. With Bambi's expansion and global interest, the company is constantly building on its core competencies. The company has taken steps to strengthen and build on its regional market position through the introduction of quality products and initiatives to develop marketing, and is continuously in the process of improving production quality and investing in developing new products.

Through these initiatives, Bambi aims to expand its global reach focusing on Asia. Therefore, BAMBI's motto is "GLOBAL VISION-ASIAN FOCUS"

We have long believed that Asian economic growth will change the basic pattern of global trade. With the passing of AFTA, the expansion of our strategy to invest in facilitating new production in Indonesia has been going on for decades. Currently, we have 3 production facilities in Indonesia and Singapore. We are actively pursuing expansion projects in Indonesia and other strategic initiatives in Singapore.

On the marketing side, we always look to Southeast Asia as the base of our market. In addition, the presence of a significant marketing share in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and other countries further strengthens Bambi's position as a market leader in Indonesia and Asia.

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