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PD3 Team (Product Design & Development)

Quality products supported by human resources who are experts in the field of design, besides that it is also supported by the use of high quality and durable materials.

Lever Arch Files Endurance Test

always prioritizes quality in meeting customer satisfaction.
We are constantly testing and improving the quality to be even better, so as to create high quality and durable products.
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Technology - Blue Cyber Mechanic

In developing and perfecting every product it produces, Bambi continues to create new innovations for the satisfaction and convenience of its customers, especially in the field of office equipment.

Bambi’s newest technology is called “Blue Cyber”, where the mechanical PVC Lever Arch File is equipped with a blue plastic that is comfortable on your finger and also enhances the appearance of your order.

Moreover, if you often access documents stored in orders, of course, it becomes important to anticipate possibilities that contain risks that can hinder the smooth running of the work being carried out, this is where it is important to have a PVC Lever Arch File Blue Cyber order as a mainstay order for storing documents. important for you, so that the comfort and smoothness of the work becomes more guaranteed.

Ordner Bambi PVC LAF Blue Cyber is the best orderr currently available. Don’t wait any longer, immediately switch to Ordner Bambi PVC LAF Blue Cyber for the convenience and smoothness of your work.

Bambi also supports the environmentally friendly movement in each of its products. Bambi also supports the movement to love Indonesian products.

Bambi Shows the power of his Lever Arch Files on his 56th birthday celebrations
@Mal Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta, 23-29 September 2013.

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